2006-2010 5/8" Allison transmission cooler hose set #50300


By: Kyle Neely Date Added: 12/07/2012
I had bought a 2006 duramax in june of 2009 the short hose from the radiator to the cooler was leaking had the dealership replace them before I took possession of the truck. 3 months later the same line was leaking again (thanks GM). After alot of searching and talking with the best GM diesel mechanic in the area I decided to go with the 5/8s Reds Auto Rehab set. I ordered them on a Wednesday afternoon had them sent USPS and still received them by the following Monday. When they got here and I had inspected them im sure I will have no leaking lines. Heavy, solid, good quality hoses and fittings. After you get the bumper, grill, air box brackets, intercooler down pipe and the rest of the plastic out of the way the install of the lines were very easy. The directions Reds supply with their line sets are very good and very detailed. One thing I can tell you is when you route these lines where the olds ones were its a tight area. When you get them in place make sure they aren't drooping down to where the bolt on the steering stabalizer can cut into them when you turn ur wheels. With 2 people this was about a 2 hour install. For the same price as merchant preformance or all season diesel filler pieces, why not go w new lines all together with heavier lines? Thanks for the great quality product Reds.
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