2006-2010 1/2" Allison transmission cooler hose set #10300


By: Rodney J Guyette Date Added: 11/14/2011
The product and fittings are first rate. I am impressed with the quality of the materials and workmanship. The installation went pretty much per the instructions. It took me 4-hours because I re-routed the first transmission hose 3 times. I suggest you consider adding a note regarding the radiator connections such that one fitting is removed and replaced before the other fitting is removed. This should reduce the amount of coolant that is lost. The lower radiator connection took several tries to get the hose threaded onto the fitting. The fitting is at an awkward angle. I had to cut the factory cooler to radiator hose in half to get it out. Going on three weeks now and no leaks. I plan to keep an eye on the hoses where they are routed near the engine and oil pan and will report more on that later. Coolant lost = 1/2 gallon. ATF lost = 1 quart. Barked knuckles = 0. Overall I am satisfied.
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