2006-2009 1/2" transmission to radiator hose #10030

2006-2009 1/2" transmission to radiator hose #10030




Product Description

This is a kit for the lower hose that goes from the transmission to the radiator.

For sale is a fix for the commonly leaking transmission cooler hoses for 2006-2009 chevy, and gmc trucks equipped with the allison 1000 transmission behind either the 6.6 liter duramax, or the 8.1 liter gas engine. This is the same kit that I sell on ebay. These are made out of 1/2" id braided hydraulic hose, rated for a minimum of 2000 psi (which is the same diameter as the steel tube on the factory lines). These hoses will handle the pressure and temperature that the factory hoses will not. I have been building these for customer's vehicles since june 2009, with no issues whatsoever. I know for a fact that these will fit up to the 2009 model year, but am not sure about the 2010, or 2011 model years. Included, is everything to make the conversion possible, except for the tools. I also included detailed instructions, which includes a list of required tools to perform the job properly.

If flow is a concern for you, the allison requires 9 gpm, and these 1/2" lines flow 9 gpm. If you are still concerned, order the 5/8" lines, but keep in mind that the processing time will be longer.


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